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Amazing Life of Justin Bieber Full Episode Watch Online


The richest and most famous kid in the world. With over 100 million dollars to his name with no curfews holding him back, Justin Bieber is pop music’s real-life Richie Rich.



Justin Bieber Ruins Friendship between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift

justin Bieber Justin Bieber Ruins Friendship between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift

The friendship between Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift may never ever become the same after Selena Gomez chosen to get back together with Justin Bieber.

Taylor loves Selena and they get along super well, but it’s hard for her to watch her best friend keep going back to Justin when she knows it’s the worst thing for her.

She feels like maybe Selena needs tough love. She thinks Justin is disgusting and has basically told Selena she can’t support their relationship and if she gets back with him their friendship will probably never be the same.

Taylor may not have the best reputation with her dating life but at least she doesn’t keep going back to the same loser over and over again like Selena does.


Justin Bieber’s Journal “Flop Show”

journal jb Justin Biebers Journal Flop Show

For Justin Bieber 2014 started with an unusual one with one of his album “Journal” failed to be on Top 40 official albums chart. Journal was Justin’s latest album till date. Journal album ranked at number 174 in France, 64 in Ireland and 38 in Australia. 

Justin Bieber’s bad boy antics may have affected the poor sales of Journals. Justin Bieber’s latest film Believe, too did not make huge in box-office. Believe also disappointed biebliers with just $3.1 million during its first three days of US release.

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