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Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars?

Justin Bieber Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars, the 25 year old pop star that shook the Billboard this year with chart topping titles together with B.oB’s “Nothin On You”, “Travis McCoy’s “Billionaire” and “Just The Way You Are” was currently held up by a spectacular sensation to dicuss his huge ascent in the music industry with what might be a collaboration with none other than Justin Bieber. recently interviewed Bruno Mars regarding this matter. This year was your year! Do you see yourself as an overnight success story?

Bruno Mars: I moved out to California when I was 18-years-old, and I got signed at a very young age without really knowing how this business works. I had never recorded a song, never written a song, never produced a song before, and that was the problem. I got signed a little too young, and I personally think I wasn’t ready yet. If you’d have asked me if I was ready then, I would have said, ‘absolutely!’ But I’m glad that it took this long because throughout the process, I learned how to compose a song and put a song together. Instead of walking into a label and saying, ‘hey, I can sing. I’m pretty good,’ I walked into the label like, ‘I got some songs. Check ‘em out!’

US: What influences did you grow up with?

BM: Doo-wop music is a huge influence on me. My father was originally from Brooklyn, and he put me on to doo-wop from a very young age. He could play four chords for you and sing 1,000 different doo-wop songs. I think I pull a lot from that as far as my writing is concerned, style-wise because those songs are really simple. It’s just really about trying to capture the emotion in what you’re saying, and I really take that seriously when I’m recording.

US: What’s next? Are you going on tour?

BM: World domination is what’s next! (laughs) The goal is to transform our songs and bring them alive on stage. I’m doing a bunch of tours — with Maroon 5, with Travie McCoy in the UK. I’ve also got some headlining things I’m doing. The moon is next!

Us: Is it true that, as a kid, you were featured as Little Elvis in Honeymoon in Vegas?

BM: Of course you read that! Yeah, man, that was the start. My dad had a 1950s rock and roll show in Hawaii, and we used to do a Vegas-style show. One day he brought me up on stage and I did an Elvis song. I started pelvic thrusting at a very young age!

US: You’ve gotten to meet so many people! What would you say has been the biggest celebrity encounter so far?

BM: When you’re walking through the VMAs, you kinda see them all! Justin Bieber hollered at me at the VMAs, and that was pretty huge. He was just sitting next to Will Smith’s son. I didn’t know he was there and he was just like, ‘yo, when we workin’?’ Then he took a drag of a cigarette, and I’m like, ‘yo, Bieber, calm down!’ (laughs) No, I’m kidding.

US: What do you think of the whole Bieber phenomenon? Do you think it’s justified?

BM: The world needs pop stars like New Kids on the Block or *NSYNC. I grew up on New Edition. I’m not mad at Justin Bieber at all.

With chart topping music from singer and songwriter Bruno Mars, lets hope both of them collaborate and give the world another fantastic song.

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